Yuri Mariya
Yuri Mariya
Yuri Mariya as shown in PV
Race Human
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Personal Status
Affiliations Jounan College (High-School division Student)
Status Alive

Yuri Mariya is a Musashino Hime-Miko (Princess Shrine Maiden). Musashino is an organization of spiritualists whose duty is to protect the Kanto region. Talented mikos within the organization are selected at a young age, given the honor of being titled Hime-Miko (bestowing great authority), and are the ones who handle the greatest tasks and responsibilities. However, this means Hime-Miko are subject to the authority of The Committee for the Compilation of True History, a Japanese government based magic organization, who aims to use Godōu to protect Japan from Heretic Gods while minimizing his potential as a threat to Japan. She is quite harsh on Godōu the majority of the time due to the misunderstanding that Godōu is doing something lecherous, but is endured by Godōu as he sees the caring and unselfish self-sacrifice that lies behind it. She is often called Yamato Nadeshiko and is known to be the most beautiful girl in the school that both she and Godōu attends. She possess a gorgeous body, not as voluptuous as Erica, but is nonetheless an eye-catching beauty with perfectally balanced features. She is a clairvoyant with a success rate of 60% (with normal levels being around 10%) and possess some magic which allows her to heal and send the knowledge she has, or sees with her ability, into Godōu. In terms of fighting level and physical stamina, she is the weakest (in fact is well below that of an average high school girl) but excels in the role of support and unrivaled at information gathering. She is a good, if not excellent, cook in both taste and visual appeal, and also the head of the Tea Ceremony Club that Godōu's little sister is a member of. Like Erica, she falls in love with Godōu when she sees how willing he is to put his all to protect others, will step up to handle things only he can even if he'd rather avoid it, but especially after he unselfishly goes to great efforts and endures great pain to rescue and help not just her (from Marquis Voban for example,) but her sister as well.




Powers & AbilitiesEdit